1 KG POTATOES. - 2 ONION. - 2 GARLIC. - 1.DL.OIL(azeite)

800 g.BACALHAU (saltet sea fish). - 6 EGGS.

1 SPONE PARSLEY (in small pieces). - OIL (for the potatoes)

1 PEPPER (for the tast). - BLACK OLIVE. - 3 TOMATOES.


Cut the potatoes in small pieces then fry the potatoes in oil, then put the potatoes to dry for a few min.

cut the onion in small pieces and the garlic also together with the (olive oil.1 dl ) in a hot pot (fry it together), after a while put the

potatoes and the bacalhau into onion mixet with garlic, then put

6 mixet eggs in to the pot, mix with a spone ( 2 min ! ) after 2 min.

take the pot of the heat ( to long time on the heat it wil dry out),

then put the mix on a plate, cut the tomato and the parsly into pieces and put it on the top. BOM APETITE