Rice a Valenciana ( 2 pers.)

2 cups of rice - 1 onion - 3 spones tomatpure'

1 garlic. - 200 g mussel. - 200 g shrimp. - 1 green pepper. - 1 red pepper.


how to cook:

take a 1/4 cup oil and heat it, cut the onion in small pieces cut also the garlic

to small pieces, and mix together with the oil, when its comming brown, then

put a cup water into the mix, and the 3 spones of tomatpure' (cook ca.5 min.)

then mix the mussel and the shrimp together, (etc. 1/4 cup of white vine)

into the mix, then put 3 cups of water + salt + 2 cups of rice into the mix,

when the rice is almost finnish, cut the red and the gren pepper in small pieces

put together into the mix. Bom Apetite (you can use all sea-food to the mix